April 24, 2014

Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjusters resolve your SC property damage claim quickly

Hurricane Damage - SC Public Adjuster

Hurricane Damage - SC Public Adjuster

SC property damage happens in all different ways – our Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach services have handled them all. Hurricanes visit our shores frequently. Tornadoes, house fires, flooding – there are a number of causes. Frequently local SC property damage claims can be the result of a single cause such as a home fire. More complex claims occur in the case of hurricanes with wind damage and flood damage. Our SC Public Adjusters have handled cases from the mountains to the coast.

A good Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjuster can make a big difference in your SC property damage claim. Bringing in a Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach SC service is about making sure that someone is looking out for YOUR interests. Let’s face it, the insurance company holds the cards. If their insurance claims adjuster says your loss is $10,000, but you think it is $15,000, how exactly do you go about proving it should be more? Our Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters are focused on collecting the full benefit of the insurance homeowner policy period.

Our Myrtle Beach Public Adjuster will come to your location and document every bit of property damage that you have. It will be well documented, photographed as needed, and submitted properly. If the insurance company bucks, we are there to handle the negotiations for you. Our SC Public Adjusters know what needs to be proved, how to prove it and how to get the best settlement for you – with a minimum of headaches for you. A settlement can be a long process particularly if you try to go it alone. Your insurance company handles this kind of stuff all the time and know how to serve THEIR best interests – you need American Property Loss Public Adjuster Myrtle Beach SC services representing YOUR best interests!

Who is representing you?

Homeowners Insurance Policy - Public Adjuster SC

Homeowners Insurance Policy - Public Adjuster SC

An insurance company’s claim adjuster’s paycheck is received from the insurance company, so the company insurance adjuster has no real motivation to do a lot of behind the scenes work in your claim. And while we’d like to think that the insurance company is giving you a fair shake, if there’s a discrepancy in claim amount, if left to the insurance company, which direction do you REALLY think your settlement is going to go? The insurance company doesn’t make money by paying out claims. BUT, with proper documentation with all losses properly listed with proper values, they really can’t argue too much. Insurance companies don’t go out of their way to short you, but they’re not going to give you a few extra thousand because they’re nice either. If you’re due that few extra thousand, we’ll find it, document it, submit it and GET you that extra few thousand because you DESERVE that extra few thousand – and we can PROVE it.

Below are some of the causes of local Myrtle Beach damage claims and where American Property Loss local Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters can help you!

Perils, Property Loss Causes and local Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjusters

A peril, as referred to in an insurance policy, is a cause of South Carolina property loss, such as fire or flood. An SC homeowners insurance policy normally provides coverage for the perils of fire, lightning, and extended coverage. Extended coverage includes coverage for the perils of windstorm, hail, explosion, riot, civil commotion, aircraft, vehicles, smoke, vandalism, malicious mischief, theft, and breakage of glass.

Learn more about each peril and how your homeowners coverage will likely handle it. Our local Myrtle Beach Public Adjuster services are familiar working with all these items and can more easily help you get through the homeowners claims process. Our local South Carolina Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters go to bat for you to make sure you get the full value for your covered South Carolina loss.

Myrtle Beach Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Annually, thousands of South Carolina insured properties experience fire, soot and smoke damage. Fire, in its most common form, can result in a blaze, which has the potential to cause physical damage through burning. Fire losses can be a combination of fire damage and smoke damage. American Property Loss’ Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters have assessed many South Carolina fire damage claims and helped the property owners to receive a thorough and complete settlement from their insurance company.

Myrtle Beach Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

Hurricanes for the most part leave entire regions in chaos with varying property damage ranging from roof damage to as severe as complete loss of property. A hurricane is a very powerful storm that can produce violent winds, large waves, very heavy rains and floods. American Property Loss’ Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjusters have assessed many local SC hurricane damage claims and helped the property owners to receive an honest and thorough insurance settlement from the homeowners insurance.

Wind Damge - SC Public Adjuster

Wind Damge - SC Public Adjuster

Myrtle Beach Tornado Damage / Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Violent storms that leave a swath of property damage and death behind them. Tornadoes occur most frequently in an area called “Tornado Alley,” a strip of land running from Texas South to Minnesota. However, tornadoes do occur in any state, with some tornado wind speeds frequently reaching 200+ miles per hour. As we saw with the tornado swarms on April 16, 2011 in Central South Carolina and more recently on Nov 16th, 2011 in Davidson and Randolph County, tornadoes do hit us – sometimes much harder than we expect – and leave a path of destruction. American Property Loss’ SC Public Adjuster services handle many tornado damage claims in the area.

Myrtle Beach Lightning Damage Insurance Claims

Regularly the cause of fires or damage to electronics and other parts of your home, lightning is caused when storm clouds cool below a certain temperature, and positive and negative electrical charges in the clouds’ water vapor separate from top to bottom. Just one close lightning strike can damage all electrical components in a location as well as start a fire. SC is prone to heavy lightning damage as a result of popup summer afternoon storms. American Property Loss local Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjusters will work with you to find all the covered property damages and receive a fair insurance settlement from their homeowners insurance.

Myrtle Beach Wildfire Damage Insurance Claims

A wildfire is an unplanned and uncontrolled fire that occurs in the areas where woods and homes overlap. These are not single home fires, but larger firestorms that can threaten multiple homes, and typically burn many acres of forest. Due to ongoing drought conditions in South Carolina, we are seeing a rise in these types of SC property damage claims.

Water Damage - Public Adjuster SC

Water Damage - Public Adjuster SC

Myrtle Beach Flood Damage / Water Damage Insurance Claims

Damaging flooding occurs throughout the U.S. every year. Floods cause billions of dollars in flood damage in the United States every year. Our Myrtle Beach SC Public Adjuster services have been onsite with many local SC flood claims and helped the property owners to get an honest insurance settlement.

Myrtle Beach Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Hail is the result of water droplets that freeze and fall to the ground as chunks of ice, also called stones. The larger the stones, the more harm they can cause to people and property. American Property Loss’ Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters can examine property damages with a knowledgeable eye to to maximize your claim for your covered Myrtle Beach hail property loss.

Myrtle Beach Power Outage Damage Claims

Local NC power outages can occur in several ways — weather related, or not. If the power outage has occurred directly on your property – as opposed to widespread power outages, your homeowners insurance policy should cover you. Power outages can occur as a result of many reasons. Electrical short circuits, due to lightning strikes or a power overload, may interrupt electricity in the home. Water seeping onto electrical wires or into electrical outlets, or dropping tree limbs breaking power lines can also cause an outage. Food spoilage is an obvious type of insured loss due to an outage. Power outage claims can occasionally be tricky, but our experienced Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters will help you sort out your power outage damage claim. Our NC Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters can assess your power outage claim with a knowledgeable eye to get you fair value for their insured Myrtle Beach power outage property damages.

Myrtle Beach Vandalism/Other

Vandalism has different forms. One is graffiti, which could be in a form of written words or paintings made on the wall without the owner’s consent. Insurance policies also cover theft but there are a lot of limitations for such incidents. Vacant homes have different coverage and more limitations than those which are occupied. Vacant homes have higher probabilities of being vandalized or robbed. You should inform your insurance company when you are planning to vacate your house, so that you will be able to discuss your options. American Property Loss local NC Myrtle Beach Public Adjusters will help you to find all the covered property and receive a thorough and good settlement from their insurance company.

South Carolina Earthquake Damage Insurance Claims

An earthquake is a sudden, rapid shaking of the Earth that can cause damage to property from ground movement, fire, or even sprinkler leakage. South Carolina is not a hotspot for earthquakes.